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Maximising the Value of Apprenticeships to Wales

The ‘Maximising the Value of Apprenticeships to Wales’ report is an independent report undertaken by Beyond Standards, on behalf of the City & Guilds and the NTfW, who in turn were supported by the City & Guilds National Advisory Committee for Wales.

We commissioned this independent report from Beyond Standards. Their conclusions and recommendations are their own, based on interviews with a strong sample of employers, apprenticeship providers, government agencies and desk research of recent published reports. They do not necessarily match today’s policies in our organisations.

This report offers fresh ideas and a new momentum to the debate about how Wales might provide an exemplary apprenticeships system. Some practical means to achieve this goal are suggested in this report, with clear recommendations. Separate to this report from Beyond Standards, we have published our own response and reflections which include a number of calls for action from the Welsh Government.

The report and the accompanying response document were launched at the Senedd on Tuesday 19 January 2019.

Policy Solutions

Policy Solutions seminars were held over the summer of 2016 by ColegauCymru / CollegesWales, Learning and Work Institute and National Training Federation for Wales

Our audience were Assembly Members from all parties, their staff and our wider stakeholders who are working in this space or would be affected by policy decisions. We encouraged participants to adopt a fresh mind-set about the real value of post-16 education, training and skills in creating a truly proficient workforce for Wales.

The seminars focussed on five key issues:

  • Skilling Adults into Work
  • The Role of Post-16 Education in Tackling Poverty
  • The Value of Skills to the Economy
  • Welsh Language Skills for Work
  • Delivering World Class Apprenticeships in Wales

Completing the series of Policy Solutions seminars has been the catalyst for focussed discussion, however Welsh Government must now be instrumental in driving collaborative action to ensure that the post-16 education and training and skills sector truly achieves its potential for Wales.


The Value of Apprenticeships to Wales

The National Training Federation for Wales (NTfW) commissioned Arad Research, working in partnership with Deryn Consulting to undertake research into the value of apprenticeships to Wales. The aims of the research were to:

  • Research available data on the impact of expenditure on apprenticeships on the Welsh economy and businesses in Wales;
  • Present data relating to the impact of apprenticeships on learners;
  • Review available information on the impact of expenditure on apprenticeships on skills within the public sector in Wales;
  • A comparison of Wales-level data with UK-wide data on apprenticeships, including completion rates.