Supporting Success: Cardiff University’s Apprenticeship Journey with Educ8 Training

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Since 2019, Educ8 Training has been proud to support Cardiff University in the recruitment and development of apprentices. Over the past few years, nine apprentices have joined the university, bringing fresh perspectives and contributing to various departments. We recently spoke with Executive Officer Elaine Rees, who leads the School of Psychology, Cardiff University apprenticeship program, to learn more about how the university supports its apprentices and the impact they have had.

Apprentices gain diverse experience
Cardiff University employs academic, research and professional service staff members. Our partnership with Educ8 Training began in the School of Psychology, and we now typically recruit three to four apprentices every two years. These apprentices are offered fixed-term, two-year contracts and work within various departments, including finance, health and safety, human resources, and education. The apprenticeship program ensures that the apprentices gain diverse experiences and skills.

Tailoring the apprenticeship
Most of our apprentices undertake the Business Administration apprenticeship, with the level of study depending on their prior qualifications. Degree holders generally enter at Level 3, while others start at Level 2 and progress to Level 3 over the two-year period.

One of the key strengths of the apprenticeship program is its flexibility. The Business Administration apprenticeship offered by Educ8 Training allows us to tailor the qualification to meet the specific needs of the department in which the apprentice is based. For instance, apprentices in HR can focus on the recruitment module, those in finance study the finance-specific modules, and there are also health and safety and other general business modules available. This customisation ensures that apprentices acquire relevant skills that directly benefit their departments.

Elaine emphasises the importance of offering opportunities and investing time in making the apprenticeship experience valuable. She believes that the effort put into creating a positive learning environment with appropriate mentorship for the apprentices produces significant rewards, both for the individuals and the university.

Two year contracts
The two-year contracts offered to apprentices provide ample time for them to gain the necessary training and skills to progress within the university. Furthermore, these candidates can apply for positions within Cardiff University. We have a high retention rate for apprentices, many of whom have advanced to managerial or advisory roles, both within the School and across the University to continue their career progression.

Passion for apprenticeships
My own passion for apprenticeships stems from my own experience. At the age of 16 I began my career as an apprentice on what was known as the Youth Training Scheme. I have been able to recognise the need for more work experience opportunities for those not pursuing a traditional degree route or other formal qualifications. Initially, it was a challenge in establishing the apprenticeship program. However, now the program is up and running, it has become much easier to recruit apprentices.

Educ8 Training looks forward to welcoming more apprentices and supporting their learning journey with Cardiff university.

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