Driven to Succeed: Arwen Rees’s Journey

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18 year old Arwen Rees enrolled onto the Jobs Growth Wales+ programme with low confidence. She had a goal in mind of becoming a mechanic but knew traditional education wasn’t the right path for her.

Arwen joined the Jobs Growth Wales+ programme through Itec Skills and Employment, a work-based learning provider based in Cardiff. Itec is one of the UK’s largest and most vocationally diverse work-based learning providers and has been delivering learning programmes for 40 years.

Once Arwen joined Itec, she received bespoke support from Itec’s learner coach Angela Price, who settled any doubts that Arwen had and helped her reach a positive mindset for a placement. Itec’s Employability Officer, Gareth Williams discovered the perfect placement for Arwen at PM Auto’s in Bridgend. Gareth supported Arwen during the early weeks of her placement and made sure she had the correct PPE provided by Itec and was always a call away.

The team at PM Autos have been extremely supportive of Arwen’s journey and her determination has blossomed. She is now able to perform many tasks at the garage independently and uses her own initiative when needed. Arwen adheres to health and safety at all times and has been described as polite and considerate. Arwen is also completing her Mechanics Level 1 qualification and is learning valuable industry information, fuelling her passion to build a future in mechanics.

Arwen’s employer speaks highly of her dedication and enthusiasm:
“Arwen takes the role seriously and is always keen to learn. She always thanks us for having her and we appreciate her eagerness.

“As a reward to Arwen we have a Fry up Friday where I buy Arwen and the staff a cooked breakfast to show our appreciation. Arwen performs tasks independently and learns very quickly, she gets stuck in and nothing puts her off, even if she has to walk in the rain.”

Arwen reflects on her placement and Jobs Growth Wales+ journey with newfound knowledge and satisfaction:
“I have learned a lot of things I didn’t know before, I am really enjoying my experience and completing my Mechanics Level 1.”

Itec Skills and Employment

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