Newport learners runners up at Lloyds Bank’s Money for Life Challenge Wales final

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A team of learners from Newport was runner up in the Wales Final of the Lloyds Banking Group’s Money for Life Challenge, which aims to inspire better money management skills in local communities across the UK.

The Money Monkeys team, comprising 17 to 18 year old learners from Newport training provider ITEC, was one of five finalists in the competitions held at The Royal College of Music and Drama, Cardiff yesterday (Tuesday).

David Rowsell, head of the Money for Life Programme at Lloyds Banking Group, presents certificates to members of the Money Monkeys team.

Team member set up their project in January, when they were awarded a £500 grant from Money for Life to put their ideas into action. They reached final after demonstrating to judges that they had what it takes to improve not just their own money management skills, but those of their friends, families and even their local communities.

The Money Monkeys set up a financial awareness project aimed at giving young people the financial skills and independence they need to become adults.

They targeted secondary schools and training centres across South Wales with resource packs on where to get advice and ran engaging activities gaining support from MPs and financial charities along the way.

Overall Welsh champions were Fashion on a Budget, a team of 17 to 19 year olds from an anti-poverty programme in Cardiff. The People’s Prize winners were Broke but Beautiful from Bridgend College.

David Rowsell, head of the Money for Life Programme at Lloyds Banking Group, said: “What impressed the judges the most was the passion of all the teams to tell others what they have learnt. This programme is not just about personal learning; it’s about telling others, reaching into the community and inspiring people to think differently about money management.

“Hopefully, a lasting legacy of this programme will be that these teams take their passion for financial education to wider communities.”

The Money for Life Challenge in Wales was co-ordinated and delivered by CollegesWales and the National Training Federation for Wales.

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