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Guidelines for Organising Welsh Language Training in the Workplace

The Welsh Assembly Government in partnership with the Welsh Language Board and the Welsh for Adults centres developed guidelines to help workplaces organise effective Welsh language training in the workplace.

The guidelines provide advice to organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors on how to plan and provide successful Welsh language training programmes in the workplace. Click here for more information.

Sabbatical Scheme

The Sabbatical Scheme is a language course designed for teachers, lecturers, instructors and classroom assistants who want to raise their standard of Welsh and gain confidence in the use of the language. The aim of the course is to develop and improve the Welsh of educational practitioners (native speakers and learners) so that they can feel confident to teach and administer through the medium of Welsh. Click here for more information.

Welsh Language Sabbatical Scheme

The University of Wales, Bangor has recently published dates for the forthcoming Welsh Language Sabbatical Scheme.

The course which is most suitable to Work-based learning is the Advanced Level course (both the part-time and the short course). Click here for more information

Welsh for Adults

There are six Welsh for Adult Centres in Wales funded by the Welsh Government dedicated to providing Welsh lessons across Wales.
Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan
Mid Wales
North Wales
South West Wales

Sgiliaith 1/2 Day Assessor Toolkit

Sgiliaith has designed a ½ day course to support assessors in enhancing their use of the Welsh language with learners in the workplace and to meet the needs of the bilingual learner in a meaningful and valuable way.

The Assessor’s Toolkit is open to all assessors who are interested in increasing their bilingual delivery, even if they aren’t Welsh speakers. The sessions are FREE and can take place on site with you.

Sgiliaith’s Prezi presentation provides you with more information on how to organise a session.

Here is what some people who have attended the sessions have said:

“The training was well delivered. I felt that the training renewed a passion that I could explore! A very good and motivating session.”

“Really good, motivating. Realised how much we need to do to promote Welsh language and culture.”

“Excellent workshop. I have gained so much understanding of how I can embed Welsh into my job role. I will now enjoy putting this into practice. Diolch.”