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Transformation of education and training in Wales is a substantial agenda currently being implemented by WAG as part of their objective to widen appropriate learning options for young people. The Transformation Agenda has evolved during the last 15 months from school re-organisation to an all encompassing strategy, to include all ages. Learning providers are expected to work together in collaborative and creative ways to achieve improvements in the range and scope of delivery that learners require.

The National Training Federation Wales (NTfW) secured funding through Welsh Government’s Department for Education & Skills(DfES) formerly DCELLS, Transformation Budget to deliver a Transformation project – “Maximising the Effectiveness of the Work Based Learning Network”. Through this, NTfW employed network officers who work across Wales to ensure representation of WBL at local delivery boards and that the most effective use is made of the WBL network, the resources it has developed and the links that the network has made with employers across Wales.

During the last 15 months the NTfW Network Officers have worked with WBL providers, DCELLS officers, Careers Wales, local education authorities, Higher and Further Education institutions, Adult Community Learning providers, sector skills councils, awarding bodies, learning & skills networks and other relevant stakeholders to collate and share information to support the improvement in the range and scope of learning delivery across Wales.
The Network Officers have completed a 6 month progress report and a final report which outlines the findings and recommendations of the Team.

The Transformation project has now come to an end and the final report will shortly be submitted to DfES.

Two members of NTFW staff, Rachel Searle, South Wales and Andrew Dodge, South East Wales continue to have a brokering and advocate role for WBL, as well as the other education sectors in their new roles as Regional Provider Advocates.

Further information on this can be found on the . SPFP page on the website.

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