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Since launching the CCRSP Employment and Skills Plan 2019-22 there has been a huge change in the way people work and the types of jobs on offer. More importantly, there has been a significant change in the skills now required by industry to drive forward their businesses in a post pandemic world. The turbulent times over the last two years has meant that many new skills have been identified as a key requirement for businesses. Therefore, it is more important than ever that we ensure that people gain the right skills in our colleges, universities and through our work based learning provision (apprenticeships).

The CCRSP team would appreciate you clicking the link below to fill in our Employment and Skills Survey, which will take you no longer than 10 minutes to complete. The information gathered will again help inform our new Employment and Skills Plan for 2022-2025. This plan is key when influencing the regional skills landscape, and when informing Welsh Government on skills and training requirements, and where funding needs to be allocated to fulfil these demands. We would also be grateful if you could cascade the survey across your related networks.

Employers Skills Survey 2022

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