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Over the last few weeks, the North Wales Regional Skills Partnership (RSP) has been working tirelessly to bring together regional skills insights ready to inform the next Regional Skills and Employment Plan 2022 – 2025. The three year ‘Skills and Employment Plan’ is developed in collaboration with businesses across the region, and will provide an insight into the supply and demand of the skills system in the region, and crucially, what employers are saying are their current needs and future priorities.

Employer engagement is essential for a thorough Skills and Employment Plan, as emphasised by the RSPs ongoing research through online employer surveys, employer workshops and one to one meetings with employers. The intelligence collated from these sources will provide a baseline of current challenges and skills gaps that businesses are facing.

Employers and students attending the event

In order to produce a comprehensive overview of the region, the RSP has been utilising their existing employer cluster group networks. Recently, the RSP hosted an in-person Digital Skills workshop, inviting employers of all sizes, from all sectors, with any level of digital skills need, to share their skills challenges and requirements. Workshops have been a great way to engage with employers and allow local employers to have their voices heard while simultaneously helping to inform and co-develop the next regional Skills and Employment Plan.

As having so many employers together in one room is such a rarity these days, the North Wales RSP made the most of this by expanding their employer workshop to include an afternoon of networking between employers and graduates! With recruitment posing a number of challenges to employers, the RSP were thrilled to be able to facilitate such an event in collaboration with M-SParc.

The event had some incredible results with graduates and young people being offered interviews with local employers! Following a very successful day, the RSP are hoping to be able to facilitate similar events in the future across the regions key sectors!

North Wales Regional Skills Partnership

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