Chinese in Wales Association launches new Autism Bilingual Resource

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Speakers at Chinese in Wales book launch

Hazel Kim, Senior Project Manager, Chinese Autism Support Group
Humie Webbe, Strategic Equality and Diversity Lead, NTfW
Zoe Richards, CEO Learning Disability Wales

Autism is a neurological condition that affects the way an individual views and interacts with the world around them. For autistic learners undertaking an apprenticeship the work needed to complete frameworks can prove challenging – therefore any new resources that improve understanding and support for autistic learners is welcomed.

As we approach World Autism Acceptance Week (28 March to 3 April) we recognise there is still much to do and learn about autism. We should be encouraged that from those apprentices that self-identify as disabled (in 2020/21), almost 60% identify as neurodivergent.

NTfW’s Strategic Equality and Diversity Lead (SED), Humie Webbe attended the Chinese in Wales Association’s Autism Chinese/English Bilingual Booklet launch which aims to give out simple information about autism to be used by Chinese families and those working in health and learning settings. Compiled by CiWA’s Senior Project Manager, Hazel Lim, the booklet provides myth busting facts to better understand autism and highlights the stigma faced by Chinese families where autism is still a relatively new concept. Hazel says’ society needs to change to be more accepting of autistic people’

Humie said: The CiWA is one of the organisations we want to work with to continue our understanding of how to reduce barriers and attract people with learning disabilities from diverse backgrounds to apprenticeships.”

Downloadable version

For printed copies of the booklet, please email:

The Chinese in Wales Association (CIWA)

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