Dafydd continuing his learning journey during pandemic

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Dafydd Eryl

Dafydd Eryl is from Caernarfon and is completing a Level 2 Activity Leadership Apprenticeship with the Urdd in the Snowdonia area. He’s got a passion for sports, so this apprenticeship was perfect option for him.

Dafydd is very glad that he can continue with his apprenticeship despite the pandemic. He said, ‘obviously, due to Covid-19, we can’t go to the office now and we’re working from home. As an apprentice, we’ve got plenty of coursework we need to complete, so for us, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the time and get stuff done.’

The Urdd have ensured that their apprentices have plenty of work and different projects to keep them busy during this period. The Apprenticeship Department’s staff are in regular contact with all their apprentices ensuring that they receive the support needed during this time.

Dafydd’s assessor, Ffion Evans said, ‘We communicate daily and Dafydd works hard to ensure that he understands every element of his coursework. He also goes the extra mile and completes additional courses to expand his knowledge. Dafydd is hardworking and has developed many skills over that time he’s been on this scheme; skills that he’ll be able to use in the future.’

Thanks to technology, the Urdd apprentices can complete additional courses and learning online. Dafydd said, ‘as an apprentice for the Urdd, we usually get the opportunity to go on different courses each month and this is still possible over this period, with courses being held over the internet like Prevent and Behaviour Management.’

In addition to this, the Urdd’s staff has joined in with the recent trend of hosting weekly quizzes. ‘Our weekly quizzes give us the chance to have a bit of fun over the Internet and so keep in contact with everyone during this time.’ Dafydd said.

Dafydd is taking advantage of this period, by doing things that he would not usually have the time to do. Dafydd said, ‘for me personally, I’ve been taking advantage of this period by going for daily jogs and making to most of the sunshine! On top of this, I’ve been trying to learn new skills, and I’ve been teaching myself to play guitar!’

Catrin Davis, the Urdd’s Apprenticeship Department Manager said: ‘Dafydd is a great ambassador for our apprentice scheme. His confidence, skills and knowledge has developed greatly during the time he has been with us. A highlight was seeing Dafydd thrive with public speaking during the NUS Cymru Conference. The first time any of our apprentices have attended! Dafydd is a young person who’s has developed a full package of skills needed to succeed in the workplace when he completes his learning programme.’

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