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Annual Education Workforce Statistics 2023

The Education Workforce Council (EWC) has published its latest data which provides valuable insights into the make-up of the education workforce in Wales. The data is derived from the EWC’s Register of Education Practitioners and for the first time this year, reports on the area of retention in each of the registrant groups.

The Professional Learning Passport

The Professional Learning Passport (PLP) is a flexible online tool which can support both individuals to record their professional development, and schools with the performance management cycle. The team are available to work with you to develop templates, tailored to the needs of your school, which will support practitioner professional development and reflection. Contact us to find out more about how the PLP can support your organisation or to arrange a demo.

Post-16 framework

A new professional learning and development framework for practitioners in further education (FE), work-based learning (WBL), and adult learning has been launched by Welsh Government.

The framework has been funded by the Welsh Government, and developed by the Education Workforce Council (EWC) in collaboration with the sector. It brings together a range of advice, guidance, and tools to support practitioners on their professional learning journey, including:

  • updated professional standards for FE teachers, WBL practitioners and adult learning practitioners
  • new professional standards for FE and WBL support staff
  • an interactive tool that allows you to explore what the standards might look like at different levels of practice – exploring, embedding and transforming

New professional standards for FE and WBL leaders will also be added to the framework shortly.

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