Young people are our future!

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Young people are our future. So, how do we support them to make fully informed decisions about their next steps?

This is an age-old question that we have juggled with for some time, but we are confident that we have an answer!

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As the North Wales Regional Skills Partnership, we have developed a young person’s toolkit, bringing together all the key pieces of information that will help young people to feel confident when making decisions about their future.

The toolkit is primarily designed to support 16 – 24-year-olds when making choices about their future careers, however it is also a great tool for individuals from 11 years+, as well as parents, teachers, career advisors and others. It serves as a great introduction to the current training and employment landscape in North Wales. No one is too young or too old to explore this information.

We recognised that every individual is different and will want to engage with this information in their own unique way. With this in mind, we set out to incorporate four key elements in our young person’s toolkit; a young person’s skills plan, an animated video summary of the skills plan, written case studies and videos from individuals sharing their thoughts on working in the region.

Here is an insight to what each of these components consist of:

Young Person’s Plan:
Pathways into careers, sector insights, transferable skills – We’ve noted it all!

Knowing which pathway to follow can be difficult. Our skills plan sets out all of the different options available to young people, from apprenticeships, to volunteering or taking a gap year, there’s a long list of options available for young people that they often are unaware of, so we’ve compiled unbiased information in one place to ensure young people are making decisions that suit them, their needs and their passions.

In addition to this, we’ve also included sector insights for each of our nine priority sectors, highlighting example employers for the sectors, sector demographics and jobs in demand and their respective average salaries.

Finally, we’ve included details about transferable skills that are universal in any sector or role. To further support young people to showcase their transferable skills in the best way when it comes to writing a CV, or preparing for an interview, we’ve included some examples on how they can demonstrate their skills through their learning so far. While the information is only high level in the skills plan, we have included links to direct individuals to learn more, further supporting them to make decisions that are right for them.

Animated Video Summary of the Skills Plan:
A detailed document isn’t for everyone. Therefore, to ensure we could get the key messages to reach as many individuals as possible, we developed an animation to summarise the skills plan.

Focussing on the three main points from the plan (the pathways, sectors and transferable skills), the animation is a great alternative as an introduction to the toolkit. It’s easy to take in the information, especially if individuals are short on time or want a brief reminder of the plan highlights!

Written Case Studies:
Every sector is unique, and within these sectors the variety of roles is endless. Our written case studies from young people emphasise that every sector is accessible. The case studies are designed to break down outdated stereotypes and highlight that you can work in any sector, having followed any pathway, no choice is more superior than another.

Videos from local individuals:
What better way to showcase how great North Wales is to work than to hear it directly from other young people who not so long ago were faced with the same difficult decisions that current 16 – 24 years olds face?

Our videos bring to life each of our nine priority sectors, offering examples of different educational pathways, what an average day looks like, and why they chose to come back to, or stay in North Wales to pursue their career.

Keep an eye on our website over the next week as we launch these resources for you to access.
North Wales Regional Skills Partnership

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