North Wales Regional Skills Partnership Celebrates Apprenticeship Week Wales 2024

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Eva Voma - My Career Journey

Eva Voma – My Career Journey













To celebrate Apprenticeship Week Wales 2024, the North Wales Regional Skills Partnership held a dynamic social media campaign aimed at both employers and individuals. A series of engaging case studies highlighting the advantage of apprenticeships was shared during the week long campaign.

Among the standout stories featured in the campaign was that of Eva Voma, currently undertaking an Applied Mechanical Engineering Systems Degree Apprenticeship. Eva shared insightful advice for young people aspiring to follow a similar path, emphasising the importance of proactivity and conscientiousness. She highlighted the impact of making a strong impression to employers, particularly during periods of work experience, as it can pave the way to one’s dream job. Eva emphasised the value of showcasing one’s skills and dedication to potential employers, suggesting that tangible demonstrations can complement academic achievements significantly.

The campaign didn’t stop with Eva’s story; it extended across various priority sectors, showcasing a diverse array of case studies from young individuals. Additionally, the campaign provided a wealth of resources tailored specifically for young people, including short videos, a Young Person’s Plan, and an animated video, all aimed at informing and empowering young people to make informed career choices.

For employers, the campaign offers valuable insights into the benefits of recruiting apprentices and provided step-by-step guidance on how to initiate the process. The resources provided are designed to equip employers with the necessary knowledge and tools to harness the potential of apprenticeships within their organisations.

To explore these resources and delve into the wealth of information available, follow THIS link.

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