Professionally Speaking 2021: Growing up digital

Posted on by karen.smith

English | Cymraeg

In this online event, world-renowned education expert Professor Pasi Sahlberg will draw on early findings from exciting international research to explore educators’ perspectives on children, digital technology, health and learning. He’ll invite us to have more informed conversation about how we can help young people live safer, happier and more responsible lives with digital technologies.

Pasi Sahlberg is an award winning Finnish educator and experienced school teacher, teacher-educator, researcher, and policy advisor. He has also studied education systems and advised education leaders around the world.

This is a valuable learning opportunity for all education practitioners and stakeholders, and particularly for those with specific responsibility for strategies to promote learner health and well-being.

During this unmissable event, attendees will also have the opportunity to ask their questions during a live Q&A session after the lecture. Book your place now.

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