Your Professional Learning Passport – a beginner’s guide

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Your PLP is an online tool that allows you to record, reflect and research to improve your professional practice. Essentially it’s a digital version of those lever arch files under your bed, but simple to use and not so easily misplaced. It’s also entirely yours – your PLP belongs to you, so you can decide what you put in it and what you use it for. You don’t need to be employed in a school or college to use it, you just need to be registered with us!

If you’ve never looked at your own Passport, or you don’t know your assets from your EBSCOs, read our quick guide below to see where your Passport can take you.

How can I use it?

There are lots of different ways of using your PLP. You could use it to record and reflect, to plan and collaborate, or to research and share. The system is very flexible, so that you can use it in whichever way suits you.

If you want somewhere to start, take a look at the templates that are already available in the PLP to record and reflect on your experiences. You can also upload just about any type of file to your PLP, so you can access all your photos, videos and text files all in one place. As your PLP has unlimited storage, you can upload as much as you want.

You can also use your PLP to evidence against the work-based learning professional standards, so you can quickly and easily put all of your professional evidence in one place. Find out how to map to your Professional Standards


As well tips and templates to help you get started, you’ll also find an education research database called EBSCO. The database covers all levels of education, from early years to adult education, as well as ALN and curriculum development. EBSCO also contains an e-book collection with over 3,300 titles. Why not download one of these books, and save it to your PLP for future use?

Where do I start?

Accessing your PLP is easy – you’ll first need to create your MyEWC account. Do this by clicking the Register for web access link at the bottom of the MyEWC login screen. You’ll need to create a username, using either your Reference Number or your National Insurance Number, as well as the e-mail address that we hold for you on the register. If you have trouble creating your account, it’s likely we hold the incorrect e-mail address for you. Contact us and we’ll be able to change this for you.

EWC is already working with a number of firms who are using the PLP to help their staff record and share their professional development and we are happy to come out to your institution to deliver free training on using the PLP. To arrange your sessions, contact us at

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