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The Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) City Deal office has launched their Cluster Development and Growth Programme (CDGP), with a programme budget of £6.6 million and aims to foster innovation and further develop the regional economy. The programme is jointly sponsored by the CCR City Deal and the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and will support business expansion and knowledge transfer activities. Contracts to deliver targeted interventions throughout the region have been given to three managing agents as part of this process:

  • The Digital, Net Zero, and Advanced Manufacturing Skills Programme is the first project that will be undertaken, and it will be directed by Cardiff and Vale College & PWC
  • The second initiative is called the Academic Industry Partnership Programme, and it will establish a robust network of academic knowledge. This project is being managed by the University of South Wales & 20 Degrees Consulting
  • The Business Growth Programme is the third initiative, and its purpose is to assist existing businesses in expanding their operations, this is led by Grant Thornton.

The City Deal team is excited about the prospect of realising the region’s untapped potential for increased corporate growth, improved social conditions, and increased economic success.

To read the Briefing Note providing further information on each element of the CDGP click here.

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