How can Educators Wales help you?

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Educators Wales is funded by Welsh Government and developed by the EWC to support both educators and providers.

The website features:

  • a careers portal, hosting a wealth of information on careers in education, including the qualifications and skills needed for specific roles
  • a training portal, allowing providers to advertise their training opportunities and individuals to search for training to enter the profession or the for the latest professional learning opportunities.
  • a Wales wide jobs portal, providing a one stop shop for both employers looking to post their latest job opportunities, and professionals looking for that next dream role.

All this, completely free of charge!
Find out more about how Educators Wales can help you.

How EWC is helping your professional development
When you think of professional learning, you might think of activities such as courses or training days – but there’s no need for it to be so formal. Many informal experiences you have every day will impact upon on your professional development.

The Education Workforce Council’s (EWC) Professional Learning Passport (PLP) is a fully bilingual and flexible online tool that is available to support all registrants capture their experiences. It’s packed full of features that are designed to support you in planning, recording, structuring and reflecting upon your learning (both formal and informal), with the ultimate aim of improving practice.

Just create or upload evidence of your experiences, then take the time to reflect. What went well? What didn’t work so well? Have you learned anything? What changes will you make going forward? To help you get started, you’ll find a range of simple templates available to guide you through the reflective process.

And remember, the PLP is confidential and portable so as long as you’re registered with us, you and only you will have access to any content you have created unless you wish to share it. Professional Learning Passport

The Education Workforce Council’s series of events continues
Ronald Dahl

This April, the Education Workforce Council (EWC) welcomes renowned paediatrician, developmental scientist and Distinguished Professor at UC Berkeley, Ronald E.Dahl to deliver a one hour special event around ‘Insights into the adolescent brain: implications for health, education, and social policy’.

Ron will summarise the emerging evidence from scientific study on adolescent development, with an emphasis on the implications for education, health and social policies spanning the second decade of life.
Register for your free place now.

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