The Benefits of Apprenticeships to Employers

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Apprenticeships are an established and highly effective way to recruit and train staff. By integrating the apprenticeship programme into your organisation, you are not only helping staff to develop their career, but you are also making a strong business decision which will generate benefits for your team and your bottom line.

There are many advantages that apprenticeships can provide, which include benefits for senior leaders, existing employees and the financial impact of apprenticeship training.

Yihya Sirhan Assessor and Programme Mentor, Itec Skills & Employment

Yihya Sirhan, Assessor and Programme Mentor,
Itec Skills & Employment

The hard data

There has been a lot of recent research on the impact of apprenticeships.

  • 98% of employers which currently employ apprentices experience additional benefits to their business, including addressing skills shortages and providing value for money
  • 86% of employers say apprenticeships helped them develop relevant skills for their organisation
  • 74% of employers say apprenticeships helped them improve the quality of their service and products
  • 78% of employers say apprenticeships helped them improve productivity

The benefits

Developing a motivated and qualified workforce
Hiring an apprentice is a great way to develop a motivated, skilled, and qualified workforce and to grow a cultivated team that the business can rely on to prepare for any future development or changes that are required to take place.

With apprenticeships, individuals can fit in with your business needs, values, and culture from the very start.

Specific training
Businesses are always looking to develop new and improved ways of working, as well as bring in fresh new ideas. The bespoke nature of apprenticeships allows employers to not only bring on board talented individuals but adapt their training according to the specific needs of their business.

During the apprenticeship programme, individuals are constantly learning new skills and knowledge that are specific to their job roles, those skills and knowledge provide new ways of working and offer greater opportunity for growth.

Addresses skills shortages
Many sectors and industries are suffering from a skills shortage. Apprenticeships are a great solution, as it enhances and enables employers to build their future specialists from the ground up. There are apprenticeship routes suitable for all types of business and all skill levels, which can be tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Employers are using the apprenticeship programme to address their skills shortage by either attracting new talent or upskilling existing employees by choosing the right apprenticeship standard and training provider to suit their specific business needs.

Boost productivity
According to Government research, 78% of employers say apprenticeships helped them improve productivity.

Once your apprentices have found their bearings within the business, they will be able to contribute to your businesses productivity and support the team. Having apprentices on the team can lead to greater productivity for your team and the business.

Even if you can find someone with the skills and experience needed for your business, hiring a senior specialist can be expensive.

Not only will apprenticeships save recruitments costs for your business, training providers can support with the recruitment process by helping you find the ideal candidate.

Yihya Sirhan
Assessor and Programme Mentor, Itec Skills & Employment

ITEC Skills and Employment

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