Local Fire Service runs ‘Revolutions’ course at Rathbone Neath and Swansea

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Learners at Rathbone Neath and Swansea centres attended a ‘Revolutions’ course run by the Fire Service in Wales. The course was extremely valuable and informative as it sent out a strong and positive message about Road Safety – particularly for young people approaching the age of learning to drive. It raised awareness and knowledge on the following topics:

  • The importance of wearing a seatbelt
  • Using drugs and alcohol when driving
  • Using mobile phones and phone safety
  • Speeding awareness
  • Being distracted by other passengers in a moving car

The learners thoroughly enjoyed the enrichment activity which was highly interactive. They also had the opportunity to experience a virtual reality activity with VR glasses, as well as a chance to explore the fire station with informative talks about fire engines and equipment used. One learner from Swansea, Chloe Telford, described the course as “very informative and detailed, a very realistic and down-to-earth presentation”. Another Swansea learner, Jaden Matthew, said that “I found the course very helpful, easy to understand and comprehend. It showed us the reality of what happens in car accidents”.

Nicole Heal, Swansea Engagement Officer also expressed her contentment of the course: “It was very informative and valuable for young people. Learners learnt about the importance of wearing a seatbelt, distractions whilst driving (including peer pressure, loud music, messing about), dangers of consumption of drug and alcohol whilst driving, impact car accidents have on friends, family, public, etc. They also had the opportunity to wear VR headsets which showed the impact of being in a car accident.”

Afterwards, some learners shared extremely positive to feedback about the course:
Ellie Watson, Neath learner: “I enjoyed today because I have a better understanding of the consequences that cause injury and endanger my life and others”.

Kira Thomas, Neath learner: “I enjoyed the course today as I have learned a lot from this and know how to be safe in cars. I will always be wearing my seatbelt and stress how dangerous it is to others who don’t wear one”.

Tommy Hayes, Swansea learner: “I have learnt how Road Traffic Collision (RTC) can affect families and the public services as well as other people who witness it”.

Dylan Nation, Neath learner: “I loved the VR experience and all the information about not drinking and driving and it has changed people’s behaviour here today when they go in a car. It was very helpful to learn this and I have really enjoyed it”.

Shalema Abdul Kalik, Swansea learner: “It was a real eye opener learning about road safety! Having a nice cuppa helped with my nerves and I’ll definitely pass on the message”.

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