Supporting others with their mental health

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Sam realised the importance of having someone who will listen and support you when you don’t know where else to go.

Sam Azzopardi standing outside by trees.

Sam Azzopardi Educ8 Skills Manager

Sam Azzopardi Skills Manager at Educ8 Training has been appointed Mental Health First Aider Champion and is available to support staff when they need someone to talk to.

Sam’s reason for becoming a mental health first aider was that she has friends and family who have had times in their lives when their mental health has suffered, some short term and others long term. She realised how important it was to them that they had someone who listened to how they were feeling.

Sam said “Having someone to support you when you feel depressed or anxious or both really helps people to realise that they are not alone. There is help out there and very often, with help, it will get better.”

Sam completed a Mental Health First Aider course and now attends relevant courses to keep up to date.

“Sometimes problems can be solved by just talking worries over with another person who is not personally involved and if necessary support them to get appropriate help” said Sam.

Sam feels that small interventions can make a huge difference to people’s mental wellbeing and give them the courage to keep talking about how they feel.

Sam continued “I think it is important that we start treating our mental health in the same way as we treat our physical health.

“If we are feeling unwell, we will not hesitate to seek help, but somehow people feel that their mental health is different, and they really should not do this.

“People should never feel alone, there are lots of organisations that will listen and support you if you don’t want to speak with a friend, family member or work colleague.”

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