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With technology playing an increasingly vital role in every aspect of modern society, the North Wales Regional Skills Partnership (RSP) recognizes the importance of equipping individuals and businesses with the necessary digital skills to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

North Wales Regional Skills Partnership Digital Dozen sitting around a table

North Wales Regional Skills Partnership Digital Dozen

To address this need, the RSP has introduced a new innovative and collaborative group known as the Digital Dozen, which sits alongside the wider Digital Skills Network.

The Digital Dozen is a dedicated digital skills group made up of local employers to develop a collaborative, coordinated and targeted approach to digital skills challenges so that the region has a clear vision that sets out priorities and can measure progress and success.

The primary objective of the Digital Dozen is to address the digital skills gap and ensure that the region’s workforce is adequately prepared to harness the potential of digital technologies.

By fostering a supportive environment for learning and skill development, the group aims to empower individuals and businesses to embrace digital innovation, drive economic growth, and improve overall productivity.

Over the next three years, the North Wales RSP, through the digital skills network, is committed to:

  • Develop example pathways to highlight the potential different routes through training and education to achieve a career requiring advanced digital skills
  • Reinforce the idea that employers need to invest in their employees by supporting them to upskill in areas where their skills may be lacking through short courses such as Personal Learning Accounts, or longer-term training through higher level apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships
  • Improve awareness of available provision in digital skills
  • Improve communication between training providers and employers to ensure the correct provision is available and is up to date to meet industry demand

As the Digital Dozen embarks on its journey, it holds the promise of fostering digital inclusivity and propelling North Wales towards a prosperous digital future.

To be part of the network, join our LinkedIn group here: RSP Digital Skills Employer Group

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