Supporting Digital Maturity for Post-16 Education Providers in Wales

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At Jisc, we have been working with Welsh Government to develop a suite of services that further responds to sector priorities identified in the Wales 2021 digital experience insights surveys, supports your organisation’s digital maturity, invests in staff digital skills and is aligned with Digital 2030.

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Using a combination of Jisc’s digital elevation tool, building digital capability service, Wales 2023 digital experience insights surveys and learning design workshops will provide you with powerful data to inform strategic decision making, whilst also investing in staff and student digital capabilities within you organisation and across Wales.

  • The digital elevation tool has been developed to provide senior leaders in post-16 education and skills with an online self-assessment tool that allows you to validate your organisation’s current position against five key themes and map your digital journey in each area against the digital elevation model. The self-assessment feedback as well as the resources, information and services we signpost users to help organisations to invest wisely and make more sure-footed progress to the next level. The tool has been mapped to the Digital 2030 Framework and, apart from areas that have a specifically Welsh focus, correlates well to its aims and objectives.
  • The Wales 2023 digital experience insights surveys provide powerful data on how your learners, teaching staff and professional services staff are using technology, what is making a difference and where improvements can be made. The surveys, which will be open from October 2022 to March 2023, can also help validate outputs from the strategic digital elevation tool e.g., are the experiences of staff and students aligned to your self-assessed digital position? The surveys are fully mapped to the Digital 2030 Framework, helping you gauge progress against its vision. Jisc will also use the results of the survey to produce sectoral “state of the nation” reports highlighting progress and national priority areas to address in 2024.
  • Jisc’s building digital capability discovery tool allows staff and students to reflect on their digital capabilities and is tailored to specific roles or focus areas. On completion, each participant is signposted to relevant resources to strengthen their capabilities and confidence. An anonymised institutional dashboard provides a heat map of staff skills to help identify and inform areas for broader staff development. Jisc is also committed to working with you at organisation and community levels to help strengthen digital confidence and capability.
  • Learning Design workshops have been created in response to Estyn’s thematic review Developments in remote and blended learning practice and explore a range of learning theories and models to support the effective design of blended and remote learning. They also provide an opportunity to experiment with a range of digital tools and techniques that can be incorporated into teaching practice. Asynchronous resources are also published on Hwb, providing staff to access at a time and place to suit them.

All these services are free for commissioned contract holders and their partners to use courtesy of Welsh government funding and we look forward to joining you on your digital elevation journey.

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