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Inspiring the next generation is something that is regularly discussed, and is something we all feel passionate about. To tackle the need to inform young people about the opportunities available to them in the region, the North Wales Regional Skills Partnership (RSP) recently held a social media campaign called ‘Camu Mlaen’. Designed to reduce the pressure on young people to know which path they want to follow, ‘Camu Mlaen’ brought together stories from people across the region who have all followed a variety of different pathways while still achieving successful careers.

Young people often worry about their GCSE and A-level results, feeling that their whole future will be determined by the results they receive. The RSP recognise the importance of highlighting all potential career pathways available to young people completing their GCSEs and A-levels and were keen to demonstrate that the first step we as individuals choose after leaving school does not restrict our future career progress. Whether you opt to undertake an apprenticeship, complete a degree or go straight to work, there is no limit to what you can achieve as every step we take is important as part of our journey!

Sharing a plethora of stories from all backgrounds, the campaign was filled with celebrations of successful careers and inspiring stories, including insights from local singers, engineers, accountants and Ambition North Wales’ Portfolio Director, Alwen Williams. Local artist Lisa Eurgain Taylor and singer Gruffydd Wyn were also among the contributors to the campaign.

The stories shared have shown that no career is linear and that every career pathway, even the less traditional routes, can lead to rewarding and successful careers in North Wales. It has been great to see so many individuals from different backgrounds come together to advocate for individuals to follow their passions and reach their goals in ways that are most suitable for them. The RSP hopes to have inspired individuals who are unsure of their next steps to consider all the options available to them.

After another successful year, let’s hope the campaign can continue to inspire individuals over the coming years!

North Wales Economic Ambitions Board

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