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Team Wales

As a drive towards vocational excellence the Inspiring Skills Excellence in Wales project launch the ISEiW Ambassador programme.

The ambassador programme will support the key objectives of the project, with an emphasis on supporting young people across Wales to achieve excellence. These ambassadors will play a pivotal part in helping our programme to shape the next generation of competitors and workforce.

What is an ISEiW Ambassador?
An ambassador will be the face for Team Wales and will promote the success and positivity around ISEiW activity. They will be representing us as a nation and themselves, whether this is at an event, supporting a ‘Have A Go’ session or during a visit to a college or university promoting Skills Competitions.

Why become an ISEiW Ambassador?
There are a number of benefits of becoming an ambassador. Not only is it valuable experience, it is also an opportunity to network, collaborate and share best practice.

Some key benefits to our programme are:

  • Gain valuable experience – Future employers seek employees with experience and good employability skills. An Ambassador will have opportunities to develop these skills through helping others.
  • Learning and developing new skills – An ambassador will be provided with training opportunities to help you develop new skills, these will include; Presentation skills, Leadership skills and,Media and communication skills.
  • Networking and Collaboration – An ambassador will work with many people across the breadth of Wales, helping to inspire the next generation.
  • Branded Merchandise and Clothing

Do you know a suitable Ambassador?
Share this information with your students, apprentices, trainees and employees that you feel that would be a great role model and ambassador for our programme.

To apply, or learn more about the ambassador programme they will need to express their interest by emailing

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