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The Work-based Learning (WBL) Bilingual Champion Project is funded by Welsh Government to support the WBL training providers in Wales to achieve targets as set out in the Welsh Medium Education Strategy in April 2010; and to support the achievement of ‘Cymraeg 2050’; the Welsh Government’s vision and aim to reach one million Welsh speakers by 2050.


  • To support WBL providers as they develop bilingual and Welsh medium learning opportunities for learners undertaking work-based learning.
  • To share good practice and available resources with the provider network.
  • To inform the network of changes in policy which affect the Welsh language within work-based learning.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of bilingualism in the workplace.
  • To identify role models to support with encouraging current and prospective apprentices and their employers to participate in bilingual apprenticeships.
  • To target and identify the support required by WBL practitioners to develop their bilingual delivery.
  • To identify gaps in the frameworks and resources available to the WBL provider network.
  • Promoting Welsh-medium and Bilingual apprenticeships within the workforce by working closely with employers.

Achievements to Date

  • Researched the capabilities of the network to provide bilingual learning and has analysed data received from the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) in order to develop better plans with providers.
  • The WBL Bilingual Champion created an Online Good Practice Document which demonstrates the areas of good practice currently seen across the entire WBL network in relation to bilingualism and the promotion of the Welsh language and culture of Wales.
  • The creation of a North Wales and South Wales ‘Pencampwyr Cymraeg’ (Welsh Champions) Working Group; where representatives from providers in the area meet to discuss good practice and areas for improvement; where guest speakers are also invited to discuss important topics.
  • The WBL Bilingual Champion works closely with the Skills, Higher Education and Lifelong Learning (SHELL) Division within Welsh Government to plan for future developments in Bilingual provision.
  • Raising awareness of the new Welsh Language Standards being developed by Welsh Government which are being investigated by the Welsh Language Commissioner.
  • The WBL Bilingual Champion worked closely with Estyn in the creation of the following guidance document: ‘A guide to achieving excellence in the delivery of Welsh language training in work based learning’. This document and other resources can be found by clicking here
  • NTfW and Sgiliaith have co-organised a number of conference across Wales entitled ‘Bilingualism within the WBL Sector’ and ‘Cyflogiaith’ (Bilingualism@Work) so that the network are able to share experiences and good practice.
  • The WBL Bilingual Champion works closely with Careers Wales to inform school leavers of their options when considering post-16 education; including discussions around Welsh-medium and Bilingual apprenticeships.
  • Supporting Welsh-speaking employers as part of the Business Wales Skills Gateway Referrals process.
  • The WBL Bilingual Champion also facilitates a workshop at the NTfW Annual Conference each year to focus on areas to support providers’ development of bilingualism within work-based learning in Wales.

For further information, please contact Ryan Evans on:
Mobile: 07425 621710
Office: 029 2049 5861